Field Services

Automotive Finance, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies recognize the benefits of having an agent in the field to facilitate contact with their collections department. For a reasonable fee, Veritas National Field Service can get your customer on the phone and help resolve your delinquency issues. The standard $55 Field Visit Fee is only a small fraction of what a normal repossession, charge-off or foreclosure costs.

Over 85% of our field call customers will contact your company! Even with 1/10th that success rate, your collection department will come out ahead and help you mitigate losses.

Door Knock Services

Veritas National will dispatch one of our field agents to your borrower’s home or work address to attempt to make a right party contact. The primary goal normally is to put your customer on the phone with your collection team. If no contact is made at the address, we will attempt to verify the address is still valid for your customer with the neighbors.

Collateral Verification / Inspection Services

We will photograph and document the condition of your collateral. If you receive a storage notice on a vehicle, we can go to the storage yard / shop and verify the condition of your collateral. We will take as many pictures as necessary to document its condition as well.

Loss Mitigation Services

Borrower Outreach / Loss Mitigation for mortgage services. This includes programs such as HARP / HAMP document delivery / pickup, Forbearance Agreement Delivery, and "Cash for Keys" loss mitigation services. These can be tailored to your specific needs.

Merchant Site Inspections

We can provide an on-site review of a business to mitigate risk and fraud, verify compliance and determine the legitimacy of a business. We can verify signage, hours of operation, lighting, data security, property condition, licensing and verification of insurance and bond coverage.

Skip Tracing

Customer missing? We can help you track them down with reasonable fees and always FDCPA compliant.

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